Rajinder Sachdeva – What to Wear for Your IT Job Interview

Preparing for an interview is important. There are several things you need to consider before heading out for your interview. While you might take extreme care to prepare you CV and learn about the company you have applied to, it is also important to take note of what you are planning to wear for the interview. Rajinder Sachdeva has been in the IT industry since 1986 and has worked at several companies.

Rajinder SachdevaWhile it might seem superficial to say what you should wear, what you decide to wear can make a huge difference in the interview. Wearing the right clothes will give you a professional look and help you stay confident.

Formal Clothing

Your first impression is important, so make sure you are appropriately dressed for your interview. A light colored shirt if you are a man, and a light colored blouse if you are a woman will be suitable for an interview. Avoid wearing bright colors, or bold patterns that can distract the interviewers from the words that come out of your mouth. While speaking on the subject of clothes, it goes without saying that your clothes should be clean and pressed.

Suits and Ties

Ten years ago, the suit and tie was associated with most IT jobs, but that has since changed. Some interviewers regard the suit and tie as a burden, but don’t mind if a candidate chooses to wear a suit and tie for the interview. However, you will need to read your interview instructions carefully, as some old school interviewers require the candidate to come wearing a suit.

Rajinder Sachdeva has been the speaker at Oracle Open World 2013, and 2014.


Rajinder Sachdeva – Tips to Prepare for an IT Interview

The mention of a job interview is enough to cause stress for some people. However, it does not necessarily have to be like that. If you prepare well in advance for you interview, there is no reason why you should feel nervous or intimidated. Rajinder Sachdeva was born in a rural part of India and moved to the United States to build a successful career as an IT professional.

Rajinder SachdevaPrepare Your Resume

A job interview is simply selling yourself to a company in exchange for a monetary benefit. Knowing how to approach the interview will help you in marketing yourself and landing the job. Start by preparing your curriculum vitae (CV) well in advance. You do not want to rush things when preparing your CV, just in case you miss something important.

Your resume should be presentable and easy to read. It should be more or less like the layout of a website, the harder a website is to navigate, the quicker you want to leave it. Your resume should be easy to read and should present all the facts in the first few pages. Do not make the interviewer dig through all the pages of your resume to find something.

Make sure you have a printed copy of your CV when you go for your interview. When printing the CV, do not use back to back printing. If you are unsure how to create a professional looking resume, you might want to use a professional resume service.

When preparing your CV, make sure it is 100% accurate. Your integrity depends on the accuracy of information on your resume. Do not include things you have not done or are not qualified in. Interviewers are smart and have ways of detecting frauds.

Rajinder Sachdeva has worked at various IT companies and has an in-depth understanding of the implementation of architecture solutions, implementation of ERP, RAC, SSO, and Data Guard.

Rajinder Sachdeva – How to Gain IT Experience to Help With Your Job

Experience is very important for any job, but if you are working or planning to work in the IT sector, the difference between getting a good job and an excellent job could lie in your experience. According to studies conducted in various fields, employment in the IT industry is estimated to grow three times faster than in any other industry. Rajinder Sachdeva has worked in the IT industry for over 29 years and has handled various job responsibilities.

Rajinder SachdevaDo It Yourself

If you are working in the IT industry, you can gain valuable experience working from the comfort of your home. Many businesses and institutions give away computer systems and networking equipment when they upgrade their systems. If you can get your hands on some of this equipment, you can practice your skills from home. You might want to start a home project to develop your skills in computer hardware by using outdated systems. You can do the same with software on outdated systems.

Get Certified

There are several part-time courses that you can take up to get certified in a particular field. You might want to sign up for a couple of online courses like the Linux+, or the Comp TIA A+, or any other program that interests you. The amount of knowledge you gain from these courses will help you gain an entry into the IT industry.


Many organizations offer volunteer positions for young professionals. Though this might not be a job you are looking for, but volunteering to work in an IT department will help you develop valuable skills. Once you complete your volunteer program, you might want to include it in your portfolio.

Rajinder Sachdeva managed the DBA team providing solutions, working and coordinating with other teams at CCCIS Software, Chicago, Illinois.

Rajinder Sachdeva – The Importance of Information Technology in Businesses

Rajinder Sachdeva is an Oracle professional who has been in the IT industry for over 29 years. Information technology has become an integral part of every business plan. From small businesses using just one computer to multi-national corporations with databases and mainframe systems, information technology plays an important role. The reason why information technology is being used in business is because of the nature and scope of business in the modern world. Gone are the days when business was conducted just in the town or in a particular city. Business has truly taken on a global identity and has gone past national and cultural barriers, and information technology is the vehicle through which businesses can operate on a global scale.

Rajinder Sachdeva

Rajinder Sachdeva


Communication is an integral part of any business, be it via the telephone, email, fax, video conferencing, etc. Several years ago, communication between employees and business partners had to be carried out through the telephone and mail service. However, that changed with the advent of email. Sending an email to customers, employees or business partners was much easier and cheaper than having to use conventional methods. Nevertheless, during the last few years communication systems have changed and more innovative systems that use information technology have become popular. Voice-over-Internet-protocol (VOIP), video conferencing, and live chat systems have revolutionized the way people communicate.

Integrating IT-based communication systems has become crucial to the success of businesses around the world. It helps companies and businesses easily contact their customers and business partners thereby enabling them to provide better service. Rajinder Sachdeva believes that integrating the latest IT-based communication systems can help a business grow.