Rajinder Sachdeva – How to Gain IT Experience to Help With Your Job

Experience is very important for any job, but if you are working or planning to work in the IT sector, the difference between getting a good job and an excellent job could lie in your experience. According to studies conducted in various fields, employment in the IT industry is estimated to grow three times faster than in any other industry. Rajinder Sachdeva has worked in the IT industry for over 29 years and has handled various job responsibilities.

Rajinder SachdevaDo It Yourself

If you are working in the IT industry, you can gain valuable experience working from the comfort of your home. Many businesses and institutions give away computer systems and networking equipment when they upgrade their systems. If you can get your hands on some of this equipment, you can practice your skills from home. You might want to start a home project to develop your skills in computer hardware by using outdated systems. You can do the same with software on outdated systems.

Get Certified

There are several part-time courses that you can take up to get certified in a particular field. You might want to sign up for a couple of online courses like the Linux+, or the Comp TIA A+, or any other program that interests you. The amount of knowledge you gain from these courses will help you gain an entry into the IT industry.


Many organizations offer volunteer positions for young professionals. Though this might not be a job you are looking for, but volunteering to work in an IT department will help you develop valuable skills. Once you complete your volunteer program, you might want to include it in your portfolio.

Rajinder Sachdeva managed the DBA team providing solutions, working and coordinating with other teams at CCCIS Software, Chicago, Illinois.