Rajinder Sachdeva – What to Wear for Your IT Job Interview

Preparing for an interview is important. There are several things you need to consider before heading out for your interview. While you might take extreme care to prepare you CV and learn about the company you have applied to, it is also important to take note of what you are planning to wear for the interview. Rajinder Sachdeva has been in the IT industry since 1986 and has worked at several companies.

Rajinder SachdevaWhile it might seem superficial to say what you should wear, what you decide to wear can make a huge difference in the interview. Wearing the right clothes will give you a professional look and help you stay confident.

Formal Clothing

Your first impression is important, so make sure you are appropriately dressed for your interview. A light colored shirt if you are a man, and a light colored blouse if you are a woman will be suitable for an interview. Avoid wearing bright colors, or bold patterns that can distract the interviewers from the words that come out of your mouth. While speaking on the subject of clothes, it goes without saying that your clothes should be clean and pressed.

Suits and Ties

Ten years ago, the suit and tie was associated with most IT jobs, but that has since changed. Some interviewers regard the suit and tie as a burden, but don’t mind if a candidate chooses to wear a suit and tie for the interview. However, you will need to read your interview instructions carefully, as some old school interviewers require the candidate to come wearing a suit.

Rajinder Sachdeva has been the speaker at Oracle Open World 2013, and 2014.